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To find a friend!

The power of social networks is gaining momentum. Increasingly, people get to know each other on their vast expanses.

Many of our customers want to surprise their new acquaintances, while the delivery address is unknown to them.

We were happy to help in the search when we were asked to present flowers to «a person without an address», however they became so frequent that we decided to introduce a new service «To find a friend!», So to speak, at the official level. We hope that we will be able to make a gift to a nice person for you.

What is needed for a bouquet to find its recipient?

– All you need is a link to his page on any of the social networks!

Attention! The company is not responsible for the delivery of the gift, if the recipient for any reason does not contact the courier service.

In this case, the cost of the order will be returned.

Attention! The information established by the company is not subject to disclosure and may be communicated to the customer only with the permission of the recipient.

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