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Corporate program for megacustomers

Dear customers!

We would like to offer our corporate service program.

Corporate gifts comprise an essential part of the corporate culture. As Confucius puts it: «Treat people with kind, and people will work with diligence». Your attention towards employees is a safe way to establish and maintain relations within the team.

Business-bouquets for Your partners will help to conduct negotiations and create a positive and benevolent atmosphere.

Flowers are essential gifts for colleagues and business partners; they may not only fit the company’s style, but will also beautify it. Properly arranged bouquet will express your appreciation, care and respect towards people who assist you with the job!

Here is what we can offer:

1. High quality,fresh-cut flowers.

2. Prompt delivery to any city anywhere in the world.

3. Partnership agreement.

4. Convenient payment methods.

5. Postponed payment options

If you are interested, please call us at 8-800-555-57-14 (our toll free number), or email us at We will doour best to meet your expectations and fulfill your wishes!